Keeping IT simple, Keeping IT working

TechRemedy is comprised of a team of IT specialists who proudly serve small and medium businesses to ensure all their IT requirements are met to premium standards.  TechRemedy services the Greater Sydney Region and provides friendly, fast and reliable solutions as well as supplying quality and leading edge products.  We thoroughly know our business, were professionally there at the forefront of IT’s inception and have an overwhelming aggregate of diverse computer technology hands-on experience, ranging from government and statutory institutions to the retail sector to global corporations.  We are also tertiary accredited.  This amounts to comprehensive expertise.  We know what works, how it works, what you need and how best to implement products that integrate, streamline, enhance and optimise your business and provide services that keep your business functioning at peak performance.  

Computer Services

TechRemedy’s portfolio of IT services is comprehensive and as the industry grows and becomes more and more sophisticated, so do we because we are constantly abreast of and therefore thoroughly acquainted with current technology trends, new functionalities as well as prospective IT developments and their likely roll out.  We specialise in customising requirements too, irrespective of the type of business operation that you have.

TechRemedy offers casual rates allocated in 15 minute increments.  Alternatively, we offer subscription packages ranging from 3 hour blocks to 25 hour blocks on a diminishing fee structure.  These goods, maintenance and services blocks can be accessed and utilised on an as needs basis until the subscription expires, with an option to renew or extend.  Our subscriptions are extremely cost effective and guarantee that your requirements are prioritised.


TechRemedy’s extensive experience in networking allow us to  instantly assess the appropriate design for your communication needs and then efficiently install the solution in a seamless, timely manner with minimal disruption to your operations.  In fact, we can tailor solutions to largely eliminate any operational inconvenience.

Open Source Solutions

While TechRemedy can and does install commercial code, it also uses products generated by information science and programming  experts who voluntarily write high calibre software that is free of royalties and fees.  This software is distributed under the umbrella of Open Source Solutions.   OSS products are stable and reliable principally because the source code authors are purists and are not motivated by volume or profit,  rather,  their benchmarks  are  quality, flexibility and freedom.  Users are supported by OSS and OSS also accepts accountability.   As a ClearCenter partner, TechRemedy can draw on and provide firewall, gateway and server solutions customised to meet your specific requirements.

When you have a problem TechRemedy has the solution!