Our Services

While TechRemedy can and does install commercial code, it also uses products generated by information science and programming experts who voluntarily write high calibre software that is free of royalties and fees.

This software is distributed under the umbrella of Open Source Solutions. OSS products are stable and reliable principally because the source code authors are purists and are not motivated by volume or profit, rather, their benchmarks are quality, flexibility and freedom. Users are supported by OSS and OSS also accepts accountability.

As a ClearCenter partner, TechRemedy can draw on and provide firewall, gateway and server solutions customised to meet your specific requirements.

Need a solution to a business problem?

TechRemedy was established to provide cutting edge and practical solutions to help your business increase efficiency and allow you to focus on what is important, your business. Combined with disaster recovery and backup solution services TechRemedy can keep your business functioning even in the event of critical failures.

Need hosting services, a website or email?

The TechRemedy team can provide hosting services and maintain your company branded website and email. Security is also of vital importance and services such as anti-virus software, virus scanning, spyware removal and firewall checks will ensure safe and secure internet access.

Need Internet access or a Network Solution?

TechRemedy’s extensive experience in networking and communications allow us to provide first class solutions that will get you connected and meet all your wired and wireless network and communications needs.

Having problems with your computer systems?

TechRemedy will provide friendly, fast, reliable remote and onsite service for all your computer and network equipment. The added convenience is that we will come to your when required and take the headache out of any computer problems.

Software development?

Need a software solution?

TechRemedy’s professional software engineers delivering high performance, scalable, secure technology,enhance your competitive advantage in the market, and deliver products that satisfy customers.